A Moment Just for You!

The purpose of these angel cards is to make you feel happy, and to inspire you to look at life in a different way. Every card shows an angel carrying a message to take with you into your day, and a MeMoment suggestion. A MeMoment can make you feel good. When you feel good, you can handle everything, and be there for your loved-ones and/or for those you want to help!

The angels on these angel cards want you to take some time for yourself – creating a ‘me moment’.

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Accepting whatever comes our way with grace.

The angels on these MeMoment cards want you to reflect, and help you create more happiness in your life. Each of these cards has a message that might resonate with you on a specific day. You will subconsciously pick the right card for you for that day. The message is short, and intends to make you think about your situation. Then you will get a MeMoment suggestion, which can help you to positively change your perception, emotions, feelings, etc.


Whether you believe in angels or not doesn’t really matter. If you don’t, then these cards will still guide you and inspire you. If you do, then you will, no doubt, be able to sense the deeper meaning behind these vivid and sometimes quirky images.




Before you enjoy your MeMoment, read the suggestion a few times till you have memorised it. You can also record it on your phone or computer, and then listen to it.



In a sense, we are all searching for happiness, and these cards can contribute to that. It’s all about finding happiness in ‘now-moments’.

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These MeMoment angel cards intend to bring a smile to your face, nourish and inspire you, help you look at life in a different way, and unveil some of the layers that might block you from seeing your journey. Every card has a colourful image of a modern angel, with a specific, meaningful name, here to inspire you and make you feel happy.

Each MeMoment is a suggestion that can help you find some inner peace or find a way out of a situation that is bothering you. Your intuition will guide you to pick the right card for you on a specific day. You can use the cards on a daily basis as a ritual or just use them whenever you feel you need a moment for yourself.

When you purchase the MeMoment Angel card deck you will get a code to download your free eBook with information about the meaning of the names and all there is to know about the cards.

The images and texts on the cards are made by artist and writer Renate van Nijen. Before creating the images and then again before writing the texts she had a moment of meditation so that her intuition could help her create the images and the texts. They are intended to be light-hearted and just pleasant to look at.

An amazing gift to yourself or a love-one!

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