My name is Renate van Nijen and I am an artist and writer with a passion for inspirational books and videos. I have been inspired by people like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle and many more, including Oprah Winfrey, who introduced me to Gary Zukav and his book ‘The Seat of the Soul’. I think it was specifically this book that started my journey of looking at life in a different way. I began using tools such as meditation, visualisation and mindfulness. I even started chanting, and briefly joined a group of people practicing Nichiren Buddhism. The chanting with other people was wonderful and helpful at that stage in my life, and although I very much feel inspired by Buddhist teachings, for me, only focusing on one practice was not the right thing. I wanted to explore more avenues to grow spiritually. In this angel card deck I’m sharing some of the tools I have discovered to be very helpful in what I’ve called MeMoments.

Although I’ve been on this spiritual journey for many years, I wasn’t particularly interested in Angels or Angel images, even though, about ten years ago, I participated in a one-day Angel workshop. Being fairly sceptic, I was surprised that, during one of the exercises, I got a clear sense that I had not one, but two Guardian Angels. They both had a strong male energy. One of them was very protective of me and held his wing around my shoulder, but the other Angel was sitting beneath a tree near me, and he was super happy and laughing. Somehow, I felt they both belonged to me. I never did much with this knowledge, never asked my angels for help, but occasionally, when I think about them, they make me smile and feel protected.

As an artist I paint mostly intuitively, allowing my brush to take me on a journey of colours and images. A few years ago, angels started appearing in my paintings, and last year I felt drawn to create these colourful, modern, somewhat quirky, angel cards, with suggestions (MeMoments) to spend some time with yourself, and discover a different way of dealing with daily situations.

In a sense, we are all searching for happiness, and I believe these cards can contribute to that. It’s all about finding happiness in ‘now-moments’. So, in the small things in life, for example a blue sky, a beautiful flower or the smile of a baby. For me, I can get over the top happy when I see the wiggly, hairy bum of … (no, not my husband) my dog Miki when he runs away from me to get some of his toys.

I believe that happiness also comes from doing what you love doing most, and from serving others. We have all come here to serve, whether you are a teacher, a street sweeper, a doctor, a good listener, an inspirational friend or even a positive role model or trendsetter, especially when you do this with passion, following your heart and your dreams means that you are likely to inspire and serve others.

The angels on these MeMoment cards want you to reflect, and help you create more happiness in your life. Each of these cards has a message that might resonate with you on a specific day. You will subconsciously pick the right card for you for that day. The message is short, and intends to make you think about your situation. Then you will get a MeMoment suggestion, which can help you to positively change your perception, emotions, feelings, etc.

I sincerely hope these MeMoment angel cards will bring a smile to your face, nourish and inspire you, help you look at life in a different way, and unveil some of the layers that might block you from seeing your journey.